SIA Media Solutions


Digital Enterprise Consulting

Rapid innovation in business models and technology along with high expectations of improved consumer experiences are driving unprecedented marketplace disruption and massive digital transformation. Digital enterprise consulting enables business leaders to embrace new business models and state-of-the-art technology, while becoming disrupters within their industries and working alongside a team of the industry's most experienced and innovative consultants.

Media Solutions brings together a broad range of vertical industry expertise, deep experience design prowess, technical expertise, proven frameworks, tools, connectors, accelerators, and practiced and efficient process improvement. We have established partnerships with leading innovators in the business and technology sectors, and have helped transform many of our enterprise clients.

All our solutions are developed and implemented in-house by experienced professionals and under the direction of a team of industry thought leaders and subject matter experts. There is no gap between strategy and execution, no third party tasked with bringing our vision to life.

Big Data and Advanced Analytics

The mountains of data generated by modern machines will continue to grow – exponentially – as our dependence on technology increases. Today's business leaders are challenged with finding a way to leverage that data to improve operations and the customer experience, or they risk being surpassed in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Next-generation business intelligence goes beyond traditional reports and data warehousing. Experience design and cognitive computing are just some of the resources that Media Solutions utilizes to elevate the employee's user experience and help expose revelational insights. Only by providing access to the right data at the right time – and on the right device – can Media Solutions drive meaningful change for our clients.

Leveraging the Power of Analytics - The difference between market leaders and market followers is how each organization translates that raw data into action. Media Solutions's Big Data solutions employ state-of-the-art techniques in artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistical analysis, predictive analytics, and much more to decipher our clients' data. Because data is the foundation for most impactful business decisions, data is and will continue to be among every organization's most valued resources

Software Product Development

Improve your ability to innovate and reduce your time to market using Media Solutions's proactive, domain-led offerings.

Media Solutions has been successfully providing innovative Software Product Development Services to leading organizations from start-ups to large enterprise corporations worldwide for some years now. Based on our experience in effective management of a wide span of product development processes, from ideas to highly complex solutions, Media Solutions provides:

  • Ideation & Conceptualization – with the use of a spiral process to create a Proof of Concept;
  • UX Design, a set of Usability Consulting, UX Design and UI Design services, applicable to the Healthcare, High Tech, Retail industries, and for ISV needs, spanning from mobile devices and web to PC and TV;
  • Feasibility Study aimed at technological and budget validation. Benchmarking your product idea by performing a feasibility study, proof of concept, prototype and user testing to minimize the risks early in the product development cycle;
  • ALM Consulting, a service of professional consulting, enterprise methodology and tools for governance of apps and production process. Our ALM service is evolving into a wider PLM/PDLC service offering, covering the entire product lifecycle;
  • Quality Assurance. Our unrivalled experience in quality assurance allows us to quantify the health of our client's projects relying on comprehensive metrics and ongoing assessments, detect concerns before they have time to cause lasting harm, and build custom strategies for ongoing continuous improvement;
  • Software Languages/Apps: C, C++, SQL, MySQL, J2EE, Java Script, Visual Basic, X/Motif, Ada, EDI, XML , ASP, HTML/CGI, FORTRAN, COBOL, Oracle, Sybase, Ruby, Python, etc.…

Technical Product Management

End-to-end Product Solutions that Meet Both Market and Client Needs - The majority of product companies have a strong need for effective and successful product implementation in alignment with their business strategy. Media Solutions's Technical Product Management Service has been designed to address this challenge and includes:

  • Defining product requirements (functional requirements, user stories/flows, feature enhancements, defects, etc.);
  • Creating comprehensive UX strategy documents to accompany product requirement documents;
  • Effective communication and collaboration as a part of cross functional team;
  • Addressing product backlogs and generating product roadmaps;
  • Working with internal and external customers to understand use cases and ensure that the development organization has sufficient information to develop the software;
  • Providing a technical vision for the product and interacting with internal and external customers to understand problems, offer solutions or log feature requests;
  • Building positive relationships and trust, as well as exceeding expectations through on-time delivery, high quality and continuous innovation;
  • Conducting technology and vendor assessments including build vs buy analysis;
  • Identifying and planning product improvement;
  • Our Technical Product Management Service is available as a standalone option or as part of a larger Product;
  • Development Service, depending on your product goals.

We use our technical skills to improve project prioritization and plan complex timelines, as well as to synchronize teams across our organization and deploy the right methodologies. Our expertise allows us to take responsibility for the product, make technical decisions, analyze and choose the right technology, define timelines, milestones and team staffing, and share business and technical risks with our client on a product level.

Technical Product Managers' responsibilities include:  strategy, engineering innovation, product roadmap (technology and release roadmaps), risk mitigation and contingency planning, prioritization, support "Voice Of Market", short-term/long-term, execution, ownership of execution process.