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Career at SIA Media Solutions is a teamwork. We provide our employees with all-out support and professional development possibilities that are necessary to become real experts in their field. We always welcome employees’ desire to move forward and develop themselves.

Collaboration with Freelancers

Love the freedom of freelancing, but miss the collaboration you’ve experienced at corporate jobs?

We invite outside freelancers to join us.

If you’re looking for new opportunities and projects, prefer to work remotely, then SIA Media Solutions is the right option for you.

Fill in a short form, our recruiter will contact you and describe all the opportunities, or simply email us at

From candidate to employee

The first stage is preparing a resume. Please kindly send your CV to and you will get contacted by a recruiter within 3 days.

The second is pre-interviewing. It includes:

  • Finding out about a candidate’s personality;
  • Learning about a candidate’s motivation;
  • Matching a candidate and the company’s values;
  • Presenting the Company and the career possibilities.

The next stage is having a technical interview:

  • Providing technical assessment and defining a level of a candidate;
  • Matching a candidate and a position;
  • Presenting the vacancy and the career possibilities.

And the last is having an interview with the department manager:

  • Providing advantages of a proposed vacancy;
  • Getting acquainted with the team;
  • Making decision and starting your career path.

Welcome to the team of professionals!